Form #1; art direction Paula Hayes; digital modeling by Teo Camporeale


Paula Hayes and Florian Idenburg

Email – Paula Hayes to Florian Idenburg
…the text is a dialog between me and the object that you “channeled” or however you want to put it (it was great you turned “psychic reading” in to “interrogation”: I am thinking of putting that as a neon sign on my studio: “interrogation $250 an hr.”…

Form #1
Florian Idenburg The first form is a perfect transparent dome. Its widest point is just about one third above the ground, not at the ground. It first gets wider and then shapes back in. The dome is not just half a sphere; it actually is more than half a sphere. There is a single entrance, not necessarily like an igloo. The entrance is much smaller than the sphere. The scale of the entrance versus the scale of the sphere is one to one hundred. You can see through its walls.

Paula Hayes Are you real?

FI No.

PH Do you have an ability to communicate?

FI Yes, but with very limited means; you have to read me. I don’t speak your language.

You have to understand me, what I have is a certain aura, a certain force within my shape.

PH Is it in the material, the unreal material?

FI Yes, but also in the form itself.

PH The form…(silence)…Are most human beings able to communicate with you?

FI No, it’s limited, only a few.

PH Is it because they have had contact with other such types of shapes?

FI It is a matter of concentration. People can learn. It is just not something you immediately do. Once you spend some time, you can communicate. It is a matter of initiation.

PH So, then, is the ability to communicate transmitted through other human beings who teach others to be able to do so as well?

FI The language can be relayed as an oral narrative. It can be told, or more precisely, it can be taught. But more importantly, it is about interpretation. It is about reading, not necessarily understanding. The reading of me can have multiple interpretations; it is up to the reader.

PH Have you ever been destroyed?

FI Yes.

PH Did you regenerate?

FI Yes.

PH By yourself?

FI Through a connection to the ground.

PH The ground of the earth?

FI The unreal earth. I have grown out of the ground—the matter that the ground is. It was not an organic process, it was more a mineral thing. I have grown out of stones or rocks. I don’t know if that is impossible.

PH To be unreal and to be a rock?

FI But also to grow out of rock rather than out of soil.

PH I can imagine that it is possible. When you were destroyed, where you destroyed because you were subversive?

FI It was because of a misinterpretation of me.

PH Of your power?

FI It was out of fear.

PH But you do have a lot of power?

FI Yes.

PH Well…I can see it.

Form #2
FI The next form is multifaceted. It is not a stable form. It deforms and basically turns into itself like a Möbius strip, but then in 3-D. At some point the exterior becomes the interior, and the interior becomes the exterior. It is mostly built up out of surfaces. It goes from very crude low-res, to very smooth to a point where you don’t realize that it is still faceted. It’s solid. You can’t really enter it except through the void that is generated out of the form itself. You can’t penetrate it either. The form is both object and container. It’s the edge of a space that creates itself…and it’s dark and has a certain coarseness.

PH Is it cruel?

FI It appears cruel, but it has not proven to be cruel. It just, initially, brings up associations with a certain cruelty, but actually that’s based on stories, not so much on facts.

PH It’s more ambivalent.

FI You could call it grotesque. It doesn’t necessarily mean cruel. Cruel is bad or negative. Whereas here, it is more different. It’s otherworldly. People could describe it as cruel out of ignorance, not based upon experience.

PH It doesn’t want to kill anything?

FI No.

PH Does it want anything?


FI It would like to have a brother. Or more, it would like to be considered less foreign than it is. It would like to be accepted for what it is without changing.

PH So actually, it’s kind of lonely.

FI It is lonely.

PH (big sigh) Do you feel bad for it?

FI I’m sympathetic, but I don’t know what to do about it. It will require a fundamental shift in the way we appreciate things.

PH Like beauty?

FI Yes. I’m not sure. It can only be argued for on an intellectual level through reasoning but it doesn’t make it likeable.

PH Does it have an algorithm?

FI It has not yet been discovered, but there is work being done trying to explain it.

PH I see it. I see it generating energy.

FI Dark energy?

PH That word doesn’t really come in to my mind. Not dark like dark matter that is dense and pulling it a negative thing. Certainly not. It’s in, say, a concept of nature being ambiguous. No…not dark.

FI Solemn?

PH Solemn? Powerful.

PH Everything you think of is really powerful.

FI You think it’s a gender issue?

PH I’m not talking about your gender. I’m talking about your mind!

Form #2; art direction Paula Hayes; digital modeling by Teo Camporeale

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